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Casino Employees Deserve Your Respect This Labor Weekend

Casino Employees Deserve Your Respect This Labor Weekend

work under extreme circumstances. Those who work under abusive conditions include harassment, racism, sexual harassment, and hostile work environments. Interactions with management and patrons can be stressful. Be aware that anyone could be dealing with something behind the scenes daily. So, I am calling my readers to action: Casino Employees Your this Day .

Don't Be “That Guy”Casino Employees Deserve Your Respect

You know what I'm talking about – the entitled, the bully, the disrespectful. Most of us don't have to deal with drunk or entitled loudmouths daily – unless we work in retail. And if you work in retail, why would you treat other employees any way you wouldn't want to be treated?

Through it all, most still give excellent service back with a smile, probably just like the rest of us.

I hear what you're thinking – “That's their job.” It's not their job to take abuse from casino patrons, store shoppers, airline passengers, or restaurant visitors, to name a few. Casino Employees Deserve Your Respect!

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Personal Experience Has Changed My Outlook

Once upon a time, after my second retirement from teaching, I decided to take a part-time job to keep my bankroll and discretionary money where I liked it. I can't tell you where I worked, but let's say it rhymes with the number four in Italian.

I learned the following important life lessons:

  1. For both employee and customer – Beginning with a smile and ending with a thank you goes a long way.
  2. Don't waste time discussing store policy with the first-line worker. Ask to see someone from management.
  3. Dumping your feelings on someone trying to do their job is unfair and wrong. If you want to just “bitch” and attack about something, go to a family member – see how much they like it. Then come back and REREAD #2
  4. Many patron, member, and visitor complaints are based on a single experience sample. Unfortunately, they feel they are being made an exception with such unfair treatment. Be aware of the situation, and don't jump to selfish conclusions. Then, PLEASE REREAD #3, then REREAD #2, and #1.
  5. For those who work in retail, don't assume an unpleasant interaction by a visitor's facial expression. Many people were born with BRF or GRF (my entire family has it). Look it up if you don't know of those afflictions. Then, reread #1!
  6. Finally, it is my experience and belief that everyone, after finishing high school or college, should immediately work in a ground-level retail position where there is constant interaction with the public. It might change human consideration and limit many of the rude, nasty behaviors we see in the retail experience. Now REREAD #1, then continue.

Changes to the Workforce

The COVID pandemic taught the industry useful lessons that will endure even after the pandemic is a distant memory. In 2022, at the East Coast Gaming Congress, Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International, said:

“It forced us and gave us the ability to say to our guests that things that used to be viewed as an entitlement, maybe they don't need them as much as they thought they did. Do you need a buffet? Should you have a buffet?”

Jim Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International,

Here is the reality of the situation:

  • A shortage of housekeeping workers and the reluctance of some guests to allow hotel workers into their rooms during their stay has led to the abandonment of a daily room cleaning standard in resorts across the country.
  • Workers released during or shortly after the closures have not been rehired.
  • The forced slimdown has enabled many casinos to learn to make do with fewer workers, whether by choice or not.

This means fewer casino hosts, drink servers, waiters, and people interacting with the public. Which means much of the workforce is overworked. So, take a chill pill if you haven't received your drink yet. (for example.) Patience IS truly a virtue, and free drinks may not be an entitlement in the future. Casino Employees Deserve Your Respect

Casino Employees Deserve Your Respect This Labor Weekend
Tip your servers. Return their smile.

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Casino Employees Rolled the Dice For Your Safety


Remember, many casino employees were counted on keeping you safe and healthy. So much additional cleaning was done and continued for your safety. These employees were on the front line for us. Greet them with a smile and thank them for the job they do.

Casino Employees Deserve Your Respect This Labor Weekend
Dealers are people, too.

Today, let's take a moment to treat all of New England's Casino employees with a little more kindness, a little more consideration, and a lot more respect.  Then maybe we can start a trend in the casino or our workplace.

Treat Casino Employees With Respect This Labor Day

Too many people think casinos are places strictly for gambling, but they offer several jobs unrelated to the business. While we interact with casino employees, casinos contain many amenities and extras. Restaurants, bars, retail shops, hotels, banks, and spas include various available positions and behind-the-scenes jobs. For example, retail, spas, and event ushers look for positive interaction with their guests.

Casino Employees Deserve Your Respect This Labor Weekend

It's not just here in New England. AC, Vegas, and everywhere in America's casinos – show appreciation for excellent service and help. Make some casino employee's day a great one this weekend.

Happy Labor Day, America.


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